So so so pleased I finally got around to watching this movie. Hands down, one of the most complex movies I’ve watched this year (after the mindbender Looper).

Got a real ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest‘ and ‘Shutter Island‘ feel, in terms of the ideas explored in the movie. Absolute mind fuck but so good.

Also, great final directorial debut from Mr Soderbergh and fabulous acting from the whole cast (including my hunky favourite Mr Law)!

Highly recommend!

– A



So this is something that a group of friends & I ended up watching on our day off work. Have a look at the trailer, but good luck to you if you end up watching the ‘docudrama’ movie.

This brings a whole new meaning to the Milgrim Experiment, our incessant need to obey authority and the words “Can I take your order?” at fast food joints. Yuck.

Film Season

Film Season

Forget spring, summer, fall and winter – my actual favourite season is awards season.

A season that celebrates and brings together the reason why we all adore, admire and appreciate art in it’s many visual forms. Last Sunday’s Golden Globes kicked off the new season of accolades, dramatic gowns and gushing speeches – and now the Sundance Film Festival is here.

Bottoms up to the beauty of film, television, music, documentary, production, costume design and pure talent. – A