Million Little Lies

To start, I will warn you that this post consists of a constrained rant.

I’m not sure if this all stems from my over thinking nature or because I’m simply disappointed by the lack of integrity left in public figures. But it has come to my attention recently, that nowadays the media places so much power on prominent individuals, that they are immediately categorised as the hero or villain.

Though no human being is perfect, when a fatal flaw is detected – the fall from grace is never  pretty.

With appalling news stories surrounding people like author James Frey, (supposedly) photographer Rankin, athletes Manti Te’o and disgraced Lance Armstrong – I just don’t know what to think. Though I know none of these parties personally, I think I speak for the public when I say it’s not just how they went through deceiving everyone but more so that they purposely skirted around the truth.

I understand in different situations and contexts, lying may appear as the only option – but what these individuals have done defies all that. Where is the faith in being honest anymore? Whether people are amoral or born evil – I firmly believe that we control our fates and for that reason should stick to our personal conscience. Whereby we are faithful and committed to our moral compass that navigates us through the waves of disaster and hardships that occur over our lifes.

I too like many of the world, watched the first half of Oprah Winfrey’s taping with Lance Armstrong tonight. I honestly don’t think I can fathom how angry, betrayed or for a lack of a better word, distressing I found his answers and disgusting actions. How can such a renown inspiring individual arrogantly defy the world when he had always been in the wrong? There are too many moments that personally aggravated me in the interview…but I digress.

Furthermore, with news reports earlier today illustrating conspiracies surrounding Sandy Hook, all I hope for is that my lack of faith for humanity won’t continue to disintegrate.

But with all that being said, I will end by saying this – despite all odds, let’s keep the faith for c’est la vie mon amis.

– A


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