Twenty Twelve


Though usually most people would stop and reflect on the new year during the last couple days of December, I’ve had the opposite experience. I’m usually one to constantly mull over and contemplate what has happened in the past, so this post comes as no surprise.

It’s funny to think that only in retrospect, am I suddenly able to holistically look at 2012. Only now, that I have realised how far I’ve come in one year – as cheesy as that sounds.

Though this blog is public, I write these posts where my friends and family can’t find me – and instead strangers across the world can maybe share and relate to my experiences without feeling judged.

& with that in mind, I will continue.

One word comes to mind when I think of 2012 and this is growth.

Over the last year, I have endured the separation and final divorce of my parents, the slow disintegration of home, third culture kid crisis, the wrath of IB and the transition into becoming an independent university student. I didn’t realise so much has happened until I finally got time to slowly mull over the years’ events.

Weird to think where I started and ended the year.

The important thing is I made it. I’m here. C’est la vie as some may say.

And with that in mind, as everyone else is – I look to the new year with open arms and a warm heart. Call it looking at life with rose tinted glasses if you will, but misery is last year’s bitch.

– A


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